Food menus from 5 groups that are “made to order”, easy to eat, useful

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Food menus from 5 groups that will provide you with complete nutrients in each meal, reduce health problems , increase strength for the all-round body.

Many people do not pay attention to getting all 5 food groups in every meal for good health. causing sometimes health problems to follow Whether it’s a small matter like constipation to the lack of certain nutrients.

But during the rush Plus some lifestyles that need to be alone. Eating fast, simple food like “made to order” food that contains nutrients according to the 5 food groups is therefore an option that we should not ignore. and can choose to eat often Easily switch between menus โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Food menu for 5 food groups that are “made to order”

  1. Fried Rice with Beef Holy Basil
    Delicious basil stir-fried rice that is easy to find There are almost every restaurant that serves a la carte food. Or it’s easy to cook at home as well. If you want to complete all 5 groups, you should add a little more vegetables, such as yard long beans, baby corn, onions or carrots, etc. to add minerals. and vitamins for this meal In addition to rice flour fat from cooking oil and protein from meat (Don’t forget to choose low-fat meats such as chicken (no skin), lean pork chops or egg tofu, etc.)

    for those who want to eat basil but are afraid of being fat You can reduce the calories from this dish by using olive oil in cooking. Choose chicken breast, dolly fish fillets. (Or other low-fat meats) and if you want to eat eggs, supplement with full options. Choose to fry poached eggs. fry without oil or switch to boiled eggs as well
  2. Fried Rice with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce add meat
    Fried Rice with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce Vegetables and meat can be changed to your liking. Whether stir-fried mixed vegetables, cauliflower, stir-fried broccoli, stir-fried peas, stir-fried kale, stir-fried morning glory, stir-fried mimosa, etc., to provide minerals and vitamins. plus rice flour oil from cooking oil and meat as you like (Emphasis on low-fat meat as usual)
  3. noodles
    In 1 bowl of noodles, there are all groups easily. by getting carbohydrates (starch) from noodles meat proteins (chicken, pork, beef, duck, etc.) and bean sprouts, peanuts, minerals and vitamins from vegetables such as morning glory, kale, radishes, basil, bok choy, sweet vegetables, lettuce, etc., and fats from cooking oil. But don’t accidentally season the soup too much. Watch out for the sodium too.
  4. fried rice
    Fried rice is another menu that we can create the menu as we wish. In addition to rice, which is an important carbohydrate Protein from meat, we can choose from a variety of whether it be chicken, pork, shrimp, squid or others, including eggs as well as protein. Versatile veggies like kale, tomatoes, onions, and carrots provide minerals and vitamins. And the fat from the cooking oil used in stir-frying.
  5. Suki
    Favorite menu for those who are on a diet. But get all 5 nutrients because the carbohydrates from vermicelli provide less energy than rice and noodles for sure. Plus get protein from meat and eggs. Mineral salts and vitamins from vegetables such as morning glory. Chinese cabbage, celery, etc., in quantities greater than flour as well. But don’t accidentally add too much dipping sauce. Be careful of excess sodium as well.