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6 highly beneficial foods But you shouldn’t eat too much.

Of course, eating each type of food Even though it is classified as food that has many benefits But if eaten in large quantities or eaten too often It will always cause negative effects on the body. Today we have gathered together 6 foods that are considered to be

8 best foods to reduce cholesterol in the arteries

Many of you may already know that coronary artery disease and heart disease are It has taken a toll on the lives of many people. The important factor that causes the risk of these diseases is Daily food consumption. Today, we would like to invite everyone to focus on

7 types of food you should avoid Risk of increasing high cholesterol

It is true that girls Can’t deny that Nowadays, there are many women who are faced with high cholesterol levels. This condition is mostly caused by eating foods that are high in cholesterol. Today, we would like to compile 7 types of foods that are at risk of increasing high cholesterol

10 foods that risk high blood fat

High blood fat or high cholesterol It is a dangerous condition for the cardiovascular system. It may be a cause of the risk of ischemic heart disease. and risk of hardening of the arteries Currently, it is found that there are many Thai people who have a condition where

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Working in shifts, can’t sleep, what should I do?

People who need to work in shifts Alternating morning shifts, such as doctors, nurses, security guards factory worker Expressway workers, transportation workers, firefighters Television station crews, etc. may have insomnia problems. What should I do? Humans normally follow a circadian rhythm in relation to temperature and sunlight, meaning that

9 danger signs “Skin Cancer”

If someone who has never applied sunscreen out of the house may claim that “it’s okay, I’m not afraid of black” or “it’s already black”, then you are wrong. Because the dangers of sunlight not only darken the skin tone, have freckles, blemishes or increase wrinkles,