5 Basketball Vocabulary If you want to have more fun Here’s what you need to know.

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Basketball is a sport with a long history. It originated in the United States since 1891 and is still the most popular sport with players and fans following it in the top of the world, second only to football. Basketball or just coming to watch basketball you need to know basketball vocabulary with what does it mean for fun to watch In this article we took 5 basketball terms. that you need to know.

Basketball vocabulary you need to know

basketball vocabulary

That we can watch basketball to know and have fun. In addition to the rules that should be known, you also need to understand the terms used in the basketball industry. สมัคร UFABET

And here are 5 words that we think we don’t know.

  • Shoot ( Shoot) is to throw the ball into the hoop to score. With the nature of the player taking the ball to rest on the finger of the dominant hand that is slightly higher than the head. The other hand serves to support the back of the child. Then straighten the arm beside the ball resting, floating away from the fingertips while twisting the wrist down.
  • Steal ( Steel) is to steal the ball from the opposite player while dribbling the ball. or intercepting the ball while the opposing players are passing the ball to each other The word steel is a term used to refer to the rhythm of the ball from the opponent. To counter quickly in a way that the opponent can’t keep up.
  • Walking is when an athlete holds a basketball and runs more than 2-3 steps, or symptoms that the athlete moves their hind legs but no ball delivery or shot
  • Dunk (dunk ) is to score by placing a basketball into the hoop at close range. The athletes who can do the dunk must be athletes of a reasonable height. And it takes a lot of practice to become proficient in order to score points with dunks.
  • Rebound (Rebound ) is to catch the ball when a shot misses from the opposite side to counter. The rebound is a term that can be called both offensively to rebound the ball that the shot missed. Or the side to rebound the ball to return to score the opponent’s side instead.