‘Ratcliffe’ is the new owner of ManChester United

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, British billionaire Confirmed that he wants to be the new owner of Manchester United,

previously reported by UFABET that the Glazer family, the owner of the “Red Devils” are considering selling a minority stake in the team.

Shortly thereafter, a Ratcliffe spokesman told The Ufabet :

“If the Manchester United club is sold. Jim will definitely be the buyer.

” will negotiate With a long-term plan for full ownership.”

“This is not about money already invested or never invested. Jim is considering what can be done today. And he knows how important this club is to Manchester.

Ratcliffe is currently the CEO of chemical company Ineos. And is called the richest British in the world. By UFABET estimates he has a total wealth of around 10 billion pounds.

But he would be willing to discuss a minority holding with the Glazers if it was part of a plan to take full control at a later date.

Ratcliffe’s spokesperson says that fresh investment in United could be used to upgrade the club’s dated facilities, most notably Old Trafford.

Ratcliffe also has experience in football. He took over Nice from France in 2019 and earlier this year tried to make an offer for Chelsea but was unsuccessful.

In addition, the 69-year-old billionaire has also said that he is a United fan. since childhood