Tuchel is not happy with Pauline after admitting to making a mistake

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was unimpressed with Mike Dean, who admitted he made a mistake with Christian Romero’s pulling on Marc Cucurella’s hair

. Meiro pulled Cucurella’s voluminous hair to the ground before Harry Kane equalized in stoppage time

, with Tuchel and Antonio Conte having a clash after the final whistle. Time and expected to be penalized by the FA,

Dean admitted he should have asked on-field referee Anthony Taylor to watch the slow-motion footage on the sideline, which could potentially upset Chelsea. The side that won the victory

, Tuchel admitted that he did not understand how the referee made a mistake with the rhythm that was clearly seen. And I don’t see the benefit of a statement of admitting such an obvious mistake

“Hopefully I’m not being too blunt, but if it’s such a big and obvious mistake. What is the benefit of acceptance if the whole world sees it?” Tuchel told reporters. The UFABET report

“It’s hard to be fully impressed with the statement. It was so clear that I didn’t understand how the referee was wrong.”

Tuchel and Conte had problems on the sidelines many times throughout the game that went through boiling degrees. Including a handshake that didn’t let go after the game led to a red card and a meme on social media

. The German coach revealed that he was quick to laugh at what happened. And there were no doubts between him and Conte

. “Of course we laugh, it’s very important to laugh and we laugh with ourselves.”

“I laughed in the dressing room, it was the moment that the heat of the game brought. Go, for me it’s not that bad.”

“I have to admit that the handshake strokes can be too long and exert. But nothing is dangerous, at least on my side. And we didn’t curse at each other.”

“I think the story would have ended if there weren’t 20 more people surrounding us which made it look worse than it should have been. But you’re right, if you do this kind of reaction you have to be ready for the consequences. And of course I laughed at myself.”

“That’s the passion of two people fighting for their team. And I hope they don’t make it any bigger.”

“It’s not a big deal for me, it’s about passion and nothing more. He fights for his team, I fight for my team.

“Like you could feel before we faced Spurs with Conte last season and now, I have nothing more than respect. to him fully And this incident did not change that.”

Chelsea travel to Leeds United on Sunday but will be missing the likes of N’Golo Kante, Mateo Kovacic and Armando Broya

Tuchel has confirmed Caen. Te will miss weeks of action due to a hamstring problem, while Kovacic remains sidelined with a knee injury.